DREAM JOURNAL: The Great Change
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DREAM JOURNAL: The Great Change


In the days around my birthday, 2011, I had a powerful dream of the fall of an old patriarchal paradigm and the first sunrise of a free world. I have shared this dream below because I feel it's not only for me but for all of us who are alive during these times. 

I am walking with my Mother, Grandmother (Mom's Mom) and two women friends, one of them is pregnant and with her husband. We are in an old Western style town, but it is vacant of inhabitants besides us and people in the saloon, where we just came from. It feels desolate, like a ghost town. All the plants and grasses are dried and dead. It is mid-day and the sun is beating down.  This town has a center square with a dais where a band might play. In front of this was a gray stone statue of a man in a military uniform from maybe WWII times, I'm not sure. He is high ranking and decorated with many stars. One of his arms is raised. Behind the town square is a knoll with the ruins of an ancient Greek style temple on the top. The people have been banned from using or visiting this site. This temple used to be where people in earlier generations would gather for pagan rituals to celebrate the Goddess. As we walked into the square, there is an understanding between all of us that "the shit is soon going to hit the fan" and when it does we would all meet at the temple ruins. We knew the signs of the Great Change coming would be obvious.  Then, in that moment, the shit hit the fan! And we all knew it because the huge statue of the military patriarch started suddenly shaking. I looked up at the statue and it's head came off and crashed down to the ground near my feet, shattering into shards. Then the arm came off and crashed down. The group I was with, without words, split up and made our separate ways to the temple on the knoll. The statue continued to crumble. It's pieces were hitting the ground then, as if having maligned consciousness, they would shoot across the ground with velocity chasing us. It was as if the old paradigm as it fell was going to take out anyone it could on it's way out.  I was with my Grandmother. She was surprisingly fast and ran in front of me, knowing the way by heart. We dodged the shards of stone as they flew past our feet, leaping and hopping over them. When we arrived at the temple ruins, my Mother, the pregnant woman and her husband were already there, and the new baby had been born. Then coming behind my Grandmother and I on the trail was the other woman. She is with her husband and he is carrying their newborn baby. We are all smiling and panting for breath. The husband of the newly arrived couple hands me the newborn baby. I take her to the edge of the temple, where the pillars still stand, and together with the group we gaze out at a rising sun. Somehow, night never came and the sun was rising in the East.  The feeling was of accomplishment and triumph, coupled with weariness of a long, long struggle.


For me this dream speaks to the falling of the current dominant culture which has been patriarchal for thousands of years. That the sign of the Great Change was a statue of a military man crumbling to the ground is significant.  I felt the scene of the shards of stone trying to take us out as the statue crumbled was telling of the likely bad behavior of corporations in their death throws during our world's day of Great Change.  It was beautiful that I was with my matrilineal line. And it was so symbolic that two newborn babies were born at the moment of the birth of our new world. I also love the old temple on the knoll - that it still exists through the millennia of oppression and that no one forgot the power still held there. Interesting that before the "shit hits the fan" we're in the saloon, but not drinking, though others are. Yet the rest of the town is a ghost town. The dead grasses and plants are clearly symbolic of a village with no vital force. Like it had been sucked dry by the rulers. The element of water was missing completely. The feminine energies were latent. But with the fall of the old, the "waters broke" and babies came into the world. EERIE SYNCHRONICITYAfter I had this dream, one or two days later I watched the movie Agora, about the fall of the Pagan, then Christian, and eventually (though not captured in movie) Roman empires in Alexandria, Egypt. There is one scene in the movie where the Christians rampage the library of Alexandria and pull down a stone statue of a male god with arms raised. His head falls off first and crashes to the ground. I took the synchronicity as a confirmation that my dream holds a prophetic energy in it and that here was another time in history of the endings and beginnings of eras. Many great civilizations have fallen. Why would ours be any different?

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